Confirmed Speakers & Programme

We’re looking forward to a great day on September 19th, sharing radio ideas with our friends. Here’s more information on the Next Radio conference.


Sunday 18th September 2016

4.00pm: Informal Pre-Conference Drinks

Our friends at Aiir have popped some money behind the bar, which means if you’ve come to London for the event and are in town early, you can meet some of the speakers and other delegates. And if you’re from London you can, of course, come along too.

Venue: Crown and Sceptre, Great Titchfield Street.


Monday 19th September 2016

Next Radio at the Royal Institution, Albemarle Street.

8.30am: Doors Open with Breakfast, thanks to All In Media

Coffee and more, thanks to the world leader in smartphone apps for radio stations and visual radio broadcast systems

Please don’t come earlier as we’ll be stuffing bags, putting up banners and getting all the cameras ready (there’s a Pret round the corner if you’re in town early)


9.25am: Welcome

Matt Deegan and James Cridland tell you how today works, and what happens if there’s a fire. You won’t believe what happens next

@matt @jamescridland

9.30am: The Power of the Sound of Sam*

Sam Crowther shares the secrets of audio attraction (* or whatever sound subconsciously affects your selective attention most)

@noisybynatureok #audio #human #attention

9.50am: Tomorrow’s talent 

Julia Hayball teaches the next generation of presenters, producers and journalists. Here’s what to expect from your future bosses 

@juliahayball #talent #coaching #tomorrow

10.00am: How streaming data makes better music

Brittney Bean examines how record labels are using streaming data to better position their artists in independent and curated playlists   

@brittneybean @songdrop #music #data

10.10am: How to get people to call into radio stations again

Award-winning talk-show host Graham Mack has a simple but brilliant plan to get great-sounding callers on-air   

@grahammack #production #radio #talkback

10.20am: Why you should be best friends with engineering

Ann Charles tells us how to get the best out of your radio station engineers; and what they secretly want programme-makers to know   

@sparkyannc #engineering #tools #creativity

10.30am: Breakfast show secrets revealed

Francis Currie and Niklas Nordén air-check shows using brand new technology. See how audiences respond: in real time

@franciscurrie #research #technology #data

10.50am: The secret formula for the next stage of radio

Cliff Fluet thinks he’s spotted something radio’s currently missing: influencers


11.00am: COFFEE, thanks to

the easiest way to start your internet radio station – an all-in-one radio platform for today’s broadcaster  

@radioco #getlisteners #broadcastlive

11.30am: Game Changers – lessons from the best 

Australia’s most respected talent coach Craig Bruce learns from the best broadcasters in his podcast. Now you know what they know


11.50am: Innoveren 

Floris Daelemans, Digital Radio Innovator from VRT Start-up in Belgium, shares the latest experiments and innovation   

@florisdaelemans @vrtstartup #r&d #radio 

12.00pm: Video enhanced the radio star

Radio stations seem keen to sign YouTubers, but what’s it like to work with, and get the best from them? Josh Divney knows.

@joshdivney @funkids @cerealtimeshow @getsider #buggles

12.10pm: The ARIAS nominations 

Who will be nominated in the inaugural ARIAS? We go to Facebook Live to watch the nominations.


12.20pm: Monetising your digital content

Claire Powell from audioBoom highlights options for monetisation and lessons learnt from  the world’s leading spoken word platform

@claireaudio @audioboom

12.30pm: Object-based editing – the future, now

Dan McQuillin from Broadcast Bionics shows his latest technology: made to make radio easier and more flexible

@bionicsdan @broadcastbionic

12.50pm: Insight-led content development from the BBC

Nisha Lahiri & Steve Martin show how audience insights informed a brand new product, contributing to the BBC’s 348m global audience

@nishalahiri @smartin @bbcnews

1.00pm: LUNCH, thanks to Wise Buddah

Thanks to the new – for jingles, radio & audio, IMGR station branding and No Sheet Music #jingles #vo+artists #content #studios

2.00pm: 20 new ideas to get you and your events noticed

Paige Nienaber, Minister of Good Times from the US’s CPR Promotions, wants to get your station events noticed #ideas #inappropriate #loud #new

2.20pm: Where data meets creativity

Chloe Straw from Somethin’ Else wants to turn dull, pointless data into creative, exciting content: she’ll show us how to do it

@chloestraw #data #radio #pop #music

2.30pm: Stop faking it

Making more meaningful connections with audiencess, from Saatchi & Saatchi London’s Chief Strategy Officer, Richard Huntington

@adliterate @saatchilondon 

2.50pm: From the Sky News Centre

Andrew Bailey, former national radio news editor, now Senior Editor at Sky News, explores what radio can teach TV: and vice-versa.

@bailsbails @skynews #journalism #convergence 

3.00pm: Going local with Bauer

Steve Taylor takes us on a tour of Bauer’s local stations, exploring how relevant output delivered on a local level enhances engagement

@stevetaylor41 @bauermedia #local

3.10pm: Skills sharing in the indie sector

David Prest of RIGtrain says we need to take a new approach to radio skills #rigtrain   

3.20pm: Mind your language

Language-wise… programmer, blogger, archivist and presenter David Lloyd wants a word about the words we use on-air


3.30pm: COFFEE thanks to the Radiocentre

Caffeine, or ridiculously presented teabags in a wooden case, thanks to the Radiocentre. See radio differently at


4.00pm: Podcasting: the next ten years

Tom Webster from the US’s highly-regarded Edison Research looks at the data around podcasting

@webby2001 @edisonresearch 

4.20pm: Live streaming video: reach your young audience again

Ben Bowler from Chew exposes the technological and societal changes which drive today’s young audiences

@benbowler @chewofficial 

4.30pm: How the music industry is changing

Sam Potts from Columbia Records on how the music industry has adopted a start-up ethos to engage with an ever diverging audience


4.40pm: Jon Holmes

talkRADIO and BBC Radio 4’s Jon Holmes talks about his career.


5.00pm: Opting in to network

Thanks to audioBoom, we’re off to Shelley’s Bar and Dining Room, upstairs at The King’s Head to carry on our conversations. Turn left, down Albermarle Street.

@kingsheadw1 @audioboom