Notes for speakers

Presentations or audio

Assuming you want to use them (you don’t have to)…
Deadline for any presentations/audio: Fri 7 September 2018
(Because of the format of the day we need to merge them together into one)
– please author them to widescreen (we’ll amend them if needed)
– we’re using Apple Keynote, but Microsoft Powerpoint documents are fine. (You might want to send a PDF as well, just in case the conversion messes up. That’s always useful).
– email to or share a compressed file via DropBox, Google Drive, Box or something else (Keynote files don’t play well with these if they’re not compressed, incidentally)
– if using a non-standard font, please email the font file too
– You’ll have a clicker. You’ll not have access to the computer. There are no speaker notes. Sorry.
– We love audio or video.
Please end with a top 5 summary to help people take back your thoughts.


With over 20 speakers we can’t afford any over-runs, even for thirty seconds. Our slots are much shorter than you may be used to, so please rehearse and check your timing. Please. We’ll be your best friend. There will be a clearly visible countdown clock next to two comfort monitors. Note – it’s part of the show’s magic that we effortlessly run on time: please don’t make any mention of our timing constraints or the timer when you’re on-stage.


Matt or James will come on-stage when you’ve finished. We don’t take verbal questions from the audience: instead they’ll tweet their questions. We’ll ask a few easy ones at the end: you might want to respond to the others on Twitter.

The venue


Here’s Paula from a few years ago. As you see, there’s no desk and no lectern: and you’re very close to your audience. You will have a headset microphone and a clicker. The main screen is big and behind her, but there’s two comfort monitors in front (you can see one which is purple), and a bloody big countdown clock in front of you. Did we mention the timing thing?

Incidentally – this place has been open for more than 200 years. In this room, Humphry Davy first revealed sodium, Michael Faraday enunciated his field theory of electromagnetism, JJ Thomson announced the existence of the fundamental particle later called the electron, and so on. And then they have us lot making weak jokes about radio.

Our audience

We like to call them “people that do” – they’re producers and presenters from radio stations across the UK. There are some ‘suits’, but mostly our audience are bright, forward-looking younger folk, looking for ideas and inspiration that they can take back tomorrow to their radio stations. Please overestimate what they know.

The sessions that work the best are the ones that are detailed, provide great examples or look at the things that you learned by doing (both good and bad!).

Other things

– We’re a smart casual day: please don’t wear a jacket or a suit.
– Of course, you’re welcome all day. Please do try to see a bit of the conference before you speak.
– We’ve put all the videos from previous years online, watch a few to see how other people have tackled it.
– Not from the UK? This might be useful as a quick intro
– We obviously video the day, and edit the speeches down for posting after. We don’t stream live.
– Matt found these “Best practices for speaking at a conference” that he quite liked
– The hashtag is #nextradio
– Thank you!

PS: Thank you

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